I can't let you share my memories
since they're mine alone
Memories I cherish
of the greatest love I've known

There was someone so dear to me
that I never will betray
Don't ask to share these memories
I have them locked away

A treasure chest of bygone days
~of dancing until dawn
~of walking in the moonlight
and sharing picnics on the lawn

I have no unhappy moments
No regrets, no pain, no tears
Just endless love within my heart
that's lasted all these years.

If I sometimes forget what I'm doing
and sometimes stare into space
It's because I recall these memories
of another time, another place.

I must go about my daily life
and push the thoughts away
The past must be the past
so I can live for just this day

How many nights of dreaming
have I wasted- unfulfilled
Dreams that will never go away
until my heart is stilled

I think of him and close my eyes
~ for a moment we're not apart
and I've captured another memory
to lock away within my heart

All Rights Reserved-Kacey





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