Today I felt downhearted
and I began to reminisce
I opened up the cedar chest
and my eyes began to mist

Deep into this chest of dreams
I found some baby things
Memory took me back in time
to fond rememberings

I thought of my daughter's baby years
when laughter filled the air
I remembered how she loved to sit
in Grandpa's favorite chair

Remembered how she held my hand
her heart so full of trust
I picked up old things long forgotten
~for a long time turned to rust

My hand touched something very soft
and I looked inside to see
Her little satin slippers
First pair of many shoes to be

I thought of how she'd looked so fine
in her dress all edged in lace
with these slippers that tied with a bow
and I knew I never could erase
the memories flooding me today
as I pictured her sitting there
in those shiny satin slippers
and a ribbon in her hair

I put the shoes back in the chest
of memories~oh so dear
to show my grown-up daughter
when she brings her baby here

All Rights Reserved~~Kacey




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