Our mailbox was the ugly one
That stood above the rest
Though the outside was worn and rusty
The inside stood time's test.

It stands alone on a country road
Seemingly, not worth a mention
But to me, as a little girl of 8
it was the master of invention!

I fell in love with a little boy
who lived so far away
We agreed to have no other love
-that we'd meet again one day

I would run to the old mailbox for his letters
as soon as I heard the truck
I would run through pouring rain
no thought of the mud and the muck!

But after 2 years of total absence our feelings weren't the same
So we said goodbye to our childhood crush
(I even forgot his name!)

At seventeen, I met a boy who wore a sailor suit
I knew this was undying love
cuz he was so darned cute!

He wrote me every single day
-said he'd like for us to marry
My poor mailman must have hated
all that load he had to carry

In 2 years time, his ship sailed on
to ports that were unknown
His letters just stopped coming
and I felt so all alone.

I just ignored the old mailbox
missed all my lovely mail
-deeply resented all little boys
and ships that had to sail.

At nineteen, and without a beau
I had not one lovely letter
so I went to work and my boss was so handsome
things kept getting better.

I worked hard to do my best
and caught my boss's eye
He sent me beautiful cards of love
and I would run to the truck coming by

Now we are married with a sweet family
and the old mailbox is a fond memory
I think of the years it was my best friend
and I say to myself "Ah-I remember when"!

Rights reserved-Kacey

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