I have a family album and I see two little girls
I recall that picture in my mind
another time, another world

There's my sister with protective arms
around her sibling small
who would be forever by her side
~to catch her when she falls

I look on through the pages
and a wealth of memories flow
to innocence and pleasures
of oh so long ago

To times when things were simple
and the world was more serene
with Sunday picnics in the park
among hills of grassy green

Page three-I see my family laughing joyously
at one another's jokes
and my brothers slipping behind a barn
for that first illegal smoke!

I see them getting sick and pale
from corn-silk's awful taste
I see my daddy's angry eyes
as they stumbled in their haste

I turn the page and then I see
a boy with curly hair
How could I know that one day he
would dwell in memory there?

Another page-I see 2 other boys with grins
as big as their loving hearts
as a proud Mother stands in back of them
~never thinking they would part.

I see my Mother, with work-worn hands
but a smile as bright as the sun
who's eyes are tired but ever vigil
of her children, every one

I see a lovely girl of twelve
and another of sixteen
getting older now but with faith
that keeps them strong ~and with minds still sharp and keen

As the pages turn, so we all have aged
as the end of the album nears
and the people I see who were young and fresh
now approach their twilight years

Some have gone to a better place
but I feel no regret or dismay
for their innocence and freshness of yesterday
have been captured in Paradise~today.

All Rights Reserved-Kacey


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