Hello and Welcome to Kacey's Corner again

I have memories of my childhood
many memories of my past
There are memories of precious moments
embedded in my mind, to last

I have sweet memories of my favorite pets
and of my Mother cooking meals
I have memories of a perfume scent
and how being so loved feels

There are memories of my very first kiss
with that strange, but wonderful sensation
and how I felt pure happiness and joy
with my first fun-filled beach vacation

Memories of my giving birth
to my darling little girls
Memories of their giggles
~Memories of their curls

Graduations, weddings and my children giving birth
and life's cycle continues on
~most wonderful memories on earth
as I find some older ones gone

Newer memories replacing the old
Some just "okay", some rare
The memories I'm making now
are for my friends to share

For the email friends, the online friends
who fulfill most of my days
with their caring, concern and unconditional love
and their "bringing sunshine rays"

I love you all and thank you here
for lighting up my life
for seeing me through heartache
and many times of strife

God keep you safely in His arms
and though we may never meet
The memories of my online friends
will be so very sweet



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