Kacey's Corner-Nature's Playground




Look way back in these woods and see
where our old fort used to be
Can you see the sticks where little hands
built it from a tree?

I was six and Jim was eight
and Carl was only eleven
When we played in that fort each day
You'd think we were in Heaven!

Mama gave us some old dishes
and some used-up pots she'd found
Our children were my baby dolls
and their beds were the hard, cold ground.

We'd tend that fort like Mom did her house
with tender, loving care
Then we'd go down to the clear, cool creek
and catch the minnows there.

From there, we'd climb the tall, tall trees
and sit upon a branch
I got stuck, sometimes, way up high
Did they rescue me-NOT A CHANCE! :)

The time flew by when we played in the woods
Toys never entered our minds
What an unhappy day when we moved away
and left our fort behind.

Do kids really need electronic games
cell phones, and the sort
We never missed the toys once
while building that neat fort!

It's really too bad there are not woods
where every child can play
-not frightened of what dangers lie
but free to dream away.

We didn't know it at the time
but we were sharing nature's joys
Just a little black haired girl of six
and 2 little curly haired boys!

Kacey-All Rights Reserved.



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Photo:  Moon And Back Graphics took this photo in the Redwood Forest of Northern CA--beautiful!

Unfortunately, Moon And Back Graphics no longer provides graphics.
Their photographs are beautiful, however.