______ Kacey's Corner-Back In Time

Dedicated to my brothers.
This poem was read by the minister
at my brother Jim's funeral.

Are those my brothers I see standing there
~without a worry or single care?
Fishing, swimming, just having fun-
Brothers and friends, almost as one

Kicking their heels till the sand is flying
Big brother, little brother, no thoughts of dying
Looking down at the water
seeing their reflection
Making faces--in my direction
-teasing me until I cry
but defending me in the bat of an eye

Roasting marshmallows over a fire
swinging on a make-shift rubber tire

Playing marbles out in the yard
spinning the "shooters"--laughing hard
Playing dodge-ball, scoffing at me
I never could dodge that ball, you see

Calling me "sissy" because I hate climbing trees
Laughing because I'm scared of the bees

Riding their bikes, doing all kinds of tricks
Playing "kick the can" and "pick-up-sticks".

Years go by and time takes it's toll
Much too soon, we all have grown old

Where is that lake?
How could it just disappear?
Where are those 2 little boys so dear?

Where are the trees and the marbles they played
Where is the laughter and the fun that they made?

Where is the youth we so enjoyed?
Where are my brothers, those two little boys?

If I imagine hard now, could they be here?
If I close my eyes, maybe they will appear

I walk to their resting place
tears in my eyes
I was only dreaming
-We've said our goodbyes.

The old house is gone
and the laughter is stilled
The gravesites I'll visit, just over the hill

One tender touch, the placing of flowers
Where did time go?
It seemed only hours

Quietly I sit, alone with my pain
How I wish I could bring them back again
The clouds part above me
and I think I see
My two little brothers, smiling at me.

Their hair is tousled, their grins are the same
They're no longer old, and they call out my name

They're playing with marbles and spinning the "shooters"
Kicking their heels and laughing with glee

Disappearing into the clouds I see them no more
as they drift happily
toward Heaven's door

Rights Reserved~KACEY

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