There was a quiet old dirt country road
Outside a cozy little town
No sign of heavy traffic
Few autos could be found

The trees were glorious in their display
with leaves of red and brown
and the air was thick with autumn
as they tumbled to the ground

There were blackberry bushes everywhere
with berries round and wild
and I picked them for my Mother
when I was just a child

You would not believe the cobblers
that she baked with so much love
With crust as crisp as the autumn leaves
cascading from above.


I'd walk this lane in my bare feet
~scrunch leaves between my toes
It was the closest thing to Heaven
and what joy--nobody knows!

The old red barn my Father built
and filled with mounds of hay
was so much fun and better
than sophisticated toys of today

I'd jump right out of this old barn
~the wind upon my face
~and the pile of leaves I'd built before
made a soft, safe landing place

The old road was a child's delight
after it would rain
I'd step in big mud puddles there
and see my face reflected again.

I could see the vast blue of the sky
in that mirrored puddle too
and a rainbow circling overhead
with colors of every hue

Simple, yes, but all I needed
to make my life complete
with the falling of the autumn leaves
and the dirt beneath my feet.

All rights reserved--Kacey--

In a movie, "Under The Tuscan Sun", based on Frances Mayes' best selling memoir
~Frances talks about the country roads in Cortona,Italy.
She says "There are idyllic stretches of time there that are
important for renewal.
When I can walk down a country road
and pick blackberries, it's a blessing."




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