I'm remembering my little girl with smooth and silky skin
She delighted me with beguiling ways
~and that unforgettable grin.
She loved to dance in pink and lace
and was the utmost girl
She'd mesmerize us all on pointed toe
with magic in every whirl.

She never wanted to be a boy
or wear what boys wear
She wouldn't even leave the house
Without ribbons in her hair.

She loved to put on make-up
and pretend that she was Queen
She'd serve us tea with dainty hands
~most delicate you've ever seen.

We could have kept her, all pink and lace
but it was not to be
Not after a boy with cute little face
one day she happened to see

He taught her how to throw a ball
and how to steal a base
where she had delicate skin before
There was dirt now on her face

It seemed that in an instant
for the dancing,competition
~denim jeans and baseball caps
acquired the front position!

She'd hit that ball just like a pro
go tearing down that line
~come home all muddy and a mess
~that little tom-boy of mine

We reluctantly gave up dancing
~went from ballet to hip-hop
and put away the satin shoes
~switched dancer to short stop!

Now sometimes when I look at her
I don't see her dancing at all
I see her in beat-up jeans and shoes
running down the hall

With hair flying and face all flushed
She meets him for a game
My little fairy princess
who will never be the same

I miss the exquisite little girl
with pink ribbons in her hair
but one day she'll go from denim to lace
~In the wedding dress she'll wear.

All Rights Reserved-Kacey

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Art Used With Permission
Thanks to Greg Olsen for the use of his beautiful painting.