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There's a house in my memory~a house filled with love
in a place that I fondly recall
A magnificent house of understated elegance
flanked by flowers and trees standing tall.

This house knew sadness, this house knew tragedy
yet within it's walls was a calm
born of togetherness, tempered with laughter
~and soothing as a fragrant, heady balm.

There were Halloween parties and bright lights at Christmas
~on Thanksgiving her rooms filled with folks
~with St. Patrick's green on her stately old porch
~and our laughter at Aprils Fool's jokes.

Her rooms were enormous~her paint cracked and dry
but she welcomed all strangers and friends
from her beckoning lights in every room
that would bid one and all to come in.

From her vine covered porch that seemed to be endless
to the tower in all it's splendor
She was a beauty for all to behold
strong~but gentle, tough~but tender

She felt our pain of death's sharp sting
our joy with the miracle of birth
She gave shelter to our family
and total devotion
No one could question her worth

Like a well-worn book filled with love and with life
her story we would never forget
~some pages with heartache, some pages with love
and ending with total regret


One by one, we left her by death or by choice
to follow our hearts desires
but as I grew older and wiser I missed her so much
it was like a slow burning fire

I felt if I returned to my old home
~to this place so serene~that life's frustrations might cease
~I would feel for the first time in so many years
a blessed feeling of peace.

But I had wandered away and when I returned
my house was gone and I cried.
I could not describe my feelings just then
~as if a treasured old friend had died.

In it's place there were buildings
~no flowers or trees
only greed's concrete cold could I see
and I cried in frustration but I stifled my anger
for I knew that old house would still be
in my sweetest of dreams and my most precious of all
my childhood memories.

I can still hear the laughter
I can still feel the warmth
of a family's love for each other
and in my book of long ago
there's a charming old house on the cover.


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