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When I was just a little kid
the youngest of so many
I had to wait till last for my food
and sometimes there wasn't any!

Having four healthy brothers with very big appetites
~they didn't seem to care
that although it wasn't fair to me
there was little compassion there!

I was the first to go to bed
even when I wasn't sleepy
~being used to sleeping with the boys
~alone, I felt so creepy

The funny picture above
could easily have been mine
~The big bed that we shared
was an early "no child left behind".

We'd snuggle up together
sometimes with the dog
and I really could be freezing
But they were original "blanket hogs".

On stormy nights with thunder howling
We'd jump in our parent's bed
~you should have seen us-what a sight
~couldn't tell our bottoms from our heads!

With three or more at the foot of the bed
and several more in between
Mama once said it seemed to her
like a Norman Rockwell scene!

I now sleep in a king-sized bed
I toss and turn all night
I wish I had that little bed
where we had to snuggle tight

It was the warmth and comfy feeling
of knowing I was protected
from monsters, goblins and all horrible things
my little mind suspected!

It's funny how the slightest noise now
brings me out of a sleepy fog
when back then, with all the snoring going on
I slept just like a log!

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