I see you're in my hallway
Won't you come inside?
I'd like to show it to you now
~with all the love and pride
that it has taken over years
to make this house a home
~a haven for the traveler
and a rest for those who roam

You'll see within this hall so bright
my Mother's favorite vase
and the table cover that she made
~Mama had an Angel's face

The mirror in the hallway
was a Christmas gift to Mother
~a gift of love from Daddy
and Mom treasured it like no other.

You'll see the red chair that my Dad loved
It was his special place
He'd smoke his pipe and growl at us
but with a grin upon his face

Go on into the dining room
where we'd dine at the end of our day
There was always a quiet blessing said
~Mama wanted it that way

The food she cooked was so delicious
neighbors loved to come to dinner
No matter what my Mother cooked
it was sure to be a winner!

The kitchen on beyond this room
was our favorite gathering place
and the aroma of Mama's cookies
is a memory time won't erase.

I cannot take you up the stairs
My tears get in the way
My Mother said goodbye to us
one sad December day

She had known that she'd be leaving soon
and with a smile of peace
set our minds and hearts at rest
~and to God gave sweet release

There were babies born and a baby died
in these rooms beyond those stairs
There were stubborn teens and anxious moments
but Mama was always there

I give this key to you to use
if you find that no one's there
Just help yourself to some iced tea
and sit in Daddy's chair

A house this precious should always have
contented souls within
and when you leave we so much hope
That you'll come back again.

All rights reserved-Kacey