This old house is very quiet now
where there used to be so much noise
with kids running 'round with old dog Spike
and the rooms all messy with toys.

With Halloween night and crisp, autumn air
and we kids getting candy galore
-of playing pranks on neighbors
-when Mama doubled our chores!

This old house holds memories of birthday parties
and of holiday dinners delicious
-of Christmas stockings everywhere
and kids mailing Santa their wishes.

There were babies born and weddings
This old house was alive with good cheer
There was love, good health, rare sickness
and we cherished every year

Finally, death knocked at it's door
and Mama and Daddy were gone
There was so much sadness and lonliness
though big brothers and sisters carried on.

Eventually, everyone left this house
to start a life of their own
We went to new places, far, far away
and the old house was left all alone

The joy and happiness this house witnessed
standing watch from day to day
was never, ever again to be
when the family all went away

The old house now shows it's age and neglect
-paint all faded and worn
but it sheltered and protected me
from the day that I was born.

I see a bay window with curtains of lace
-new and beautiful paint of white
I see kids yelling from the windows upstairs
and big brother sneaking out at night.

My heart returns to my childhood life
and I'm playing in leaves on the ground
I pray that if I can one day return
My old house will still be around.

All Rights Reserved-Kacey