Our Old Red Barn

I see a barn in back of our house
where as a child I used to play
I see us climbing up in the loft
sometimes chasing the chickens away.

We'd get tired in the late afternoon
so we'd rest in the hay for a while .
Mama would bring us lemonade
with cookies and a smile.

I see the animals waiting outside
Ralph, our pig and Old Maggie, the cow
We never got bored, just had simple fun
-had never heard of "electronic toys" anyhow

We'd climb the trees and wade the creek
-jump in leaves piled high in the fall
It may have been simple and may have been corny
but what sweet memories I recall.

With the shadows of dusk and Mama calling
We knew that our playtime was done
but I'll never forget the old red barn
and the old fashioned, innocent fun.

Rights Reserved-Kacey

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