Paradise Found

He looks at her with adoring eyes
With undying devotion and lingering love
The eyes that see the young girl
who captured his heart
and forever won his love

Her hair may be gray now, her wrinkles evident
but his eyes refuse to see
anything but the beauty she was
when she was his bride-to-be.

Her smile was dazzling, coy and charming
and she had him from the start
From the day they met, she belonged to him
~left her indelible mark on his heart.

They raised a family, gave them all their time
and now the children have grown
and although the house is quiet and still
~they never feel alone.

By day, they chat and reminisce
about the days of yore
~basking in beautiful memories
~to some, it would seem a bore

Perfectly content in each other's arms
although passion has seen it's day
~replaced now by a quieter, gentler love
~everlasting, come what may

In this high-tech world we're living in
~how beautiful to see them here
taking care of each other, loving and sweet
No conditions, no regrets, no tears.

Not existing on memories but living each day
~just happy to be together~
What life is about, this simple, sweet love
The kind that lasts forever.

copyright -Kacey

Created with love-Poetry By Kacey