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In my garden there are lilac trees
of stunning lavender blue
and whenever I catch that Heavenly scent
I feel my spirits renew

I don't know of any other flower~
recalling many memories dear
One would think that God had touched them
~one could feel His presence near.

One would only have to look upon
such magnificent display
to know that God's hands are everywhere
and He's with us everyday.

Who else could ever create
such beauty all around
The butterflies, birds, all springtime's treasures
His perfection knows no bounds.

The flowers take me back in time
to a simpler, gentler day
I can smell my Mother's lilacs
~see the glorius display

No other flower on God's green earth
can mesmerize me so
Just a beautiful clustered lavender bloom
nurtured by Heaven's glow.

When I look upon my lilacs
I forget the world's imperfection
I see all people here as one
in my mind's eye, a reflection
~of everything quiet, everything good
~no problems, large or small
because God's gift of the lilac
seems to build a sheltered wall
~where there is no fear, there is no sorrow
and we live in perfect harmony
What a beautiful gift I have from God
in my lavender lilac tree.

All Rights Reserved-Kacey

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