Well, here it is, November, 2009 and I will update
you about Ms.Taryn!

She has been fine..continues to produce straight A's in college!
She's in her Junior year now.
She and Pat are still in their relationship
She's studying accounting now.

Taryn has been Chiari free now since 2007
-we are all very grateful for that.
She never mentions it and we don't either.

She's a happy, strong and beautiful young lady
and her sisters are too!

Kacey and Tori continue to be fantastic on the soccer field
and Kacey is on 2 basketball teams.
Tori is head cheerleader
and brought several new moves to the squad
after going to gym to learn some new ones.
(Update: Tori graduated in May-we are so proud)!
Jamie, our 14 year old granddaughter,
just finished trying out for middle school basketball.
They asked her to come back to try
for VARSITY basketball!
She is a little peanut but very
athletic and a real competitor.

Alicia is in Nurse's training and will get her LPN in July
She hopes to eventually go on for her degree
We are so proud of all of them.
Our great-granddaughter, Syd, never keeps still (she's nine)
and will probably wind up in
the gymnastic field.
She delights us with her wit!
She's adorable and we love her!
I might add she is also a straight A student.

I want to thank all my friends who have
continued to ask about and pray for Taryn.
We appreciate their thoughts and prayers so much.

August, 2010-Taryn will leave for college
on Friday-she will be a senior
Tori will begin her college career then also..different school

I have photos now. You will find them HERE


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