I regret that there have been problems lately
I have posted on this page.

Taryn, Tori and Kacey-Sisters

Scroll way down for 2005 prom pictures.

Taryn is a Kenny Chesney fan!
Pat is much better looking, anyway! **S**(Note! Seems Kenny didn't stay married long!)

Hello and welcome to Taryn's updates.

These are the first posts.

The following posts were entered-2005

For some reason, with IE, the link to Dr. Jallo doesn't work.
I downloaded Foxfire browser and it works just fine..

Monday, March 21-2005

Taryn and her parents consulted with Doctor George Jallo
Dr.Jallo is Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery, Pediatrics, and Oncology at John Hopkin's in Baltimore, Maryland.

Dr.Jallo informed the parents (my daughter, Lee Ann and husband Greg)
that if Taryn continues to have these "spells"
she has been experiencing, she should have the decompression surgery

Dr.Jallo used to practice at Beth Isreal Hospital in NY.

I had never heard of Chiari till Taryn
was diagnosed with it.

The internet contains a world of knowledge
and I have been able to find out so much now about the disease.
It's more common than you would think.
I joined a Chiari forum and have found
much information from people who have had it or have it now.


Taryn will have Chiari surgery on Thursday, March 31.
She will be in very good hands.

Sunday, MARCH 27-2005

We had all the daughters and their families
for Easter dinner. Taryn looks great.
She said she's going to take advantage of everyone's concern
and ask for lots of flowers and gift certificates!
She loves Abercrombie and Fitch **LOL**

I guess we will have to spoil her for a change.
She's not at all spoiled but this is different!


Tomorrow is the big day.
I will let you know about the surgery.

Thursday, March 31-2005

Taryn had surgery at 11:00
It went well, but the "Chiari hernia" was bigger than expected
I will know more later today.

If you read Chip's page, you will learn a lot.

Her Mom will call after she talks with the surgeon

Thursday, nine p.m.--Taryn is on pain control.
She has a roommate-a teen boy--this is in ICU-very sad, he has a brain tumor
and his prognosis is not good.
When my daughter told her there was a young man in the unit,
she said "is he hot, Mom"?
We are still laughing.
She slips in and out of consciousness..

The Chiari was 7 MM-not bad.
Her sisters and I are going to see Taryn tomorrow.
Now, we have to look out for infection or "leaking".

If that occurs, she will have to return to the hospital.
Leaking of the cerebral fluid through the incision.
Just keep her in your prayers..God bless you all for your wonderful emails of encouragement.

Thursday night

Tonight, Taryn is in a room and out of IC--some pain, but it is being controlled.
she is between sleepy and awake..she continues to progress.

Pat and his mom were there today.
She has a six year old roommate.
Because of something to do with bone marrow-
involving this little girl,
Taryn could not keep the flowers we sent.
Pat brought them back to her house.

My daughter will come home for a few hours tomorrow.
Taryn may come home either Sunday or Monday.

As of now, the surgery was a success.

We hope and pray there will be no complications.

Sunday, April 3-2005

Taryn still has some pain.
She was able to sleep better last night.
My daughter came home today and Taryn's Dad
will have night duty at the hospital.
Taryn is a little nauseated still after eating.
She is eating very little.
She definitely will not go home till tomorrow..possibly Tuesday.

Monday, April 4-2005

Taryn came home today..she is okay but has some pain.
Her Dad is going to buy the tempurpedic pillow for her.
She is eating more..and that's good.
Another update later.

Later Monday night-Taryn is feeling better.
She is eating now and Pat came over this evening.
Lee Ann bought her that special pillow
and she is pretty comfortable.
Brain surgery is a pretty rough surgery, but Taryn is a trouper!

Tuesday, April 5-2005

Taryn is feeling pretty good today.
Her Mom's best friend is a nurse and she
came to the house and cleaned the incision.
Taryn's Mom was going to give her a shampoo today.
That is know how these teens are about their hair! *S*

Friday, April 8-2005

Hi Everyone-Taryn is doing well.
She will get her post-op checkup soon.
I will update this page as I get the info.
Thanks to all of you for sticking with me!~ **S**

Friday night-Taryn did some of her school work
today and she and her Mom took it to school.
I can't believe that she is expecting to return to school on Monday!
She is feeling good, although
her neck is quite sore..this is to be expected.
So far, she's doing very well.
She has so many friends, I'm afraid
they will all run up and hug her!
That is not good!
She says she will just hold out her arms
and stop them! **S**
Pressure on the neck would be harmful!

Thank you for your prayers..more tomorrow.

Saturday, April 9-2005

Nothing to report today!

Sunday, April 10

Nothing to report today!
No news is certainly good news!

Monday, April 11-2005

Taryn went to school for some Chemistry tutoring today,
but that's all.
She'll probably try for a full day by Wednesday.

She's feeling very good, but gets really tired by the evening.

Lee Ann scheduled her post-op for next Monday.
The neurosurgeon can give her his opinion on Taryn starting drivers education.
The first week is just class work,
so it shouldn't be a problem.
Lee Ann let her drive a little today--
that made her happy.
She is turning her head pretty easily now
so they aren't too worried---she actually did pretty good!

Tuesday, April 12-2005

Taryn went to school today for 1/2 hour to meet with her history teacher.
Trying for a full day tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 13-2005

Taryn is doing fine.
She is attempting a full day today, so we'll see.
Debbie came over yesterday to look at her incision
because the bottom of it looks a little irritated
It itches a lot, but she said it looked fine (not infected)
and the itching was normal. (Debbie is Lee Ann's friend..a nurse.)

Thursday, April 14-2005

Taryn was in school all day today!
NO PROBLEMS-today or yesterday! Thank you, God!

Saturday, April 16-2005

Taryn had a bad night last night.
She was uncomfortable due to the incision itching so bad.
She was also a bit queasy..
Her neurosurgeon had an emergency and had to postpone
her post-op checkup.
She will see him on May 2 now.

Keep her in your prayers and thanks so much!
She is feeling better now.
She was well enough to attend her
induction into the National Honor Society.

Saturday, April 23-2005

We went to Kacey's First Communion today and saw Taryn, of course.
Taryn is okay..she needs to eat better to gain some weight.
She was bothered today with allergies..not related.

She has made up all her school work and
there are no signs of complications.
Lee Ann and Greg took beautiful pics today.
I will put them on here when he
sends them to me.
As I said before, she goes to the neuro on May 2 for follow-up.


Monday, April 25-2005

Taryn has 4 more days of driver's ed..
then she can rest.
So far, things are good.
We will be anxious to see the neurosurgeon
for the post-op checkup.

Tuesday, April 26-2005

Taryn has finally made up all of her work
and is still holding a 4.0 in every class.
Is this determination or what???

Wednesday, April 27-2005

I am very happy that I
have nothing new to report!
So far, things are going very well.
Taryn does appreciate all your well wishes!
So do I!

Sunday,May 1-2005

Maybe I "jumped the gun".
Taryn has been a little nauseated
She has no appetite and from what
I have been reading in the Chiari forum
There is nothing wrong with that.
I was given the advice that she should just
let her body tell her when to eat.
She has lost some weight, but the person
who gave me this advice has "been there, done that"
and sounds very much the expert on the subject.
So, after Monday and Taryn's post-op with the neuro,
we will see what happens.
Thanks again for sticking with me!

More updates on Monday, May 2~~~

Wednesday,May 4-2005

Hi and I'm so sorry to be late in updating.
Taryn had the post-op visit on Monday and the neurosurgeon
was a little concerned about her lack of appetite.
He suggested having her eat several meals a day..
that is not easy when she spends all day in school.

She had a bad headache and that didn't seem to concern him.
He was more interested in the fact she is not eating much.

I will update in the next couple of days.
Taryn is not really well yet..that will take time.
If you will keep her in your prayers
we would be most grateful.

Thursday,May 5-2005

Taryn is a bit better today.
She is eating a little (to please her Mom)...
She is anxious for school to be finished
We are too--she is looking forward to working
during the summer.

Not much news today, other than that.
Updates again soon.
Thank you, my friends, for being here!

Monday,May 9-2005

Taryn didn't sleep too well last night.
She had an upset stomach.
She still went to school today.
She's quite a trouper!
More tomorrow if I have any news to share.

Saturday,May 14-2005

I am checking on Taryn now-tonight was her prom night.
I do hope she could go.
My daughter had bought a beautiful dress for her.
When she returns my call, I will know more.

The past week has been pretty good for Taryn.
She is getting her appetite back and
as far as I know, no bad headaches.

Taryn and Pat prom pictures..Saturday, May 14-2005.

Alicia and Brandon-prom, May14,2005
The photos did not do the gowns justice!
Both were exquisite!

Wednesday,May 18-2005

Taryn did have a headache and some "queasiness" on Sunday, the 15th.
The prom and late hours were a little too much.
They would do it again, though
and I'm sure Taryn felt it was worth a little discomfort.
She missed only one hour of school on Monday
and is now okay..
I keep getting emails of encouragement for Taryn.
You don't know what it means to us to have your wonderful support!

Taryn's Journal-The Beginning

Taryn's next update page.
There is a photo of Taryn with Mia Hamm's Grandmother.
Taken when Taryn's family visited her Grandmother.
Mia's Grandmother is their neighbor

You will also see Taryn and Pat's 2005 Homecoming pics.

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