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Friday, March 3, 2006

Taryn is ill again..she was fainting and having the severe headaches again.
Since she could not be aroused from the last spell
Lee Ann and Greg took her back to John Hopkin's hospital in Baltimore.
That is where the surgery for chiari was performed last year.

She was there for 2 days, with all kinds of tests again.
The MRI's show no blockage in the spinal fluid which was the original problem.
She is still having the headaches and is now "flat in bed" for awhile.
She missed a retreat with her school class
and is upset about that.
Lee Ann has mentioned that stress may have triggered this problem.
Taryn is a very intense young lady..always concentrating hard on her school work
and maybe trying to do too many things at once.

Anyway, there is a world-renowned hospital in New York called the Chiari Institute.
I joined the chiari forum on the net last year
when I learned of Taryn's problem.
The people who contribute to this forum are remarkable!

They have seen first hand how bad it is..
either from having it themselves or members of their families having it.

I will keep you informed here.
I have sent mass mail out today, asking for your prayers for Taryn.
I have told Lee Ann that if Taryn needs to go to NY,
I will either go with her or take over at her house.
I'm sure Greg would want to go.

That's all can tell you for now--except when
Dr. Ben Carson, who is know worldwide and practices at Hopkins
came in to see Taryn when she was there, she was very impressed!
Lee Ann's best friend, Debbie, is a nurse
and who has experienced real illness problems with her own daughter
~has always been there when she thought she was needed
and has been a lot of support for Lee Ann and Taryn and the family.
God bless you, Debbie!


Taryn's headaches were so bad yesterday that
Greg took her back to John Hopkin's hospital early this morning.
The headaches this time were a result of the spinal tap yesterday
She is back home now.
The Doctors told Lee Ann that these blood patches
are successful 9 times out of ten--good news!
Taryn said the headaches seemed to be better and
the Doctors sais they will know for sure by this evening or tomorrow.

I will add to this as I get any news from Lee Ann.


Taryn is home and feeling better.
They think the blood patch was successful.
They, as I said, will know more later..


I just talked with Pat, Lee Ann's beau--
their school is closed today so Pat is with her-wonderful young man...
he said Lee Ann had gone out to get some tylenol-Taryn has a slight cold.
He said she had been better--no headache
but they went to a hot tub near home thinking it would relax her back.
She's had back problems for a few days.
They stopped at Starbucks for coffee
and Taryn felt a little headache coming on, so they came home.
They were playing yahtzee when I called.
She is better though, thank God..
I asked Lee Ann where they go from here..
she has no idea and will just seek
the advice from the Doctors at John Hopkins.

Taryn is feeling much better.
She does have a cold, but the headaches are gone for now.

She will stay home from school tomorrow.
Lee Ann has to return to work at the school
so Dad will be the care-giver tomorrow.


-Happy St.Pat's Day!

The news remains pretty good for Taryn.
She is slowly making up her school work.
She has jogged around her neighborhood-and said she felt better after that.

Prayers do help!


I learned from Lee Ann yesterday that Taryn is having problems again.
They took her to Kennedy Kreiger, a facility of John Hopkins
for more evaluation.
The text below is part of email from Lee Ann to me.

Quote: We met with a neurologist yesterday at Kennedy Krieger--
they are definitely going down the migraine route now---
I'm kinda skeptical and so is Taryn,
but we don't really have anything else to go on right now.

She is going to start on a prophylactic migraine medication
and has to keep a log of things she eats, salt intake, etc
.....she's having another MRI/MRA done and has a follow up in two weeks.
We'll see-she needs a lot of upbeat people around her right now
--getting very down.(end quote)

Taryn is having the MRI/MRA today..
I will post here the result.

The meds made her sick last night.
Lee Ann is checking with the Dr. today for advice.
More as soon as I hear something.

Tuesday, March 28

Taryn is having problems now.
She did go to school today
but has been experiencing problems that are new.
Lee Ann is trying to get her an appointment
at the Chiari Institute in NY now.
She is in touch with people there who will
try to set Taryn up for a visit.
Please say a prayer that she will be seen.
~The Chiari Institute~~from what I hear in the chiari forum
is the very best..they only treat chiari patients.

Sunday, April 2, 2006--Latest

Thanks again for all your support and prayers.

APRIL 3, 2006

I received this email from Lee Ann today-see below:

Hi Mom
Quick update---Taryn has had 8 good days and survived the SATs
on Saturday---they went from 7:45 to 1:00!!
They're a lot longer than when we took them.
Anyway, she goes to a college fair today that I'm going to "chaperone"
in the event she starts to feel "yucky"
and she has a follow up with the neurologist tomorrow.

We havn't heard anything from the test results
so I'm assuming everything looked fine.
Anyway, have a good day and I'll be in touch.

Lee Ann

APRIL 4, 2006

I just talked to Lee Ann...
she said the neuro is calling these spells now
"Complicated migraines"..she is still going to TCI, we think.
She has finished filling out the required 18 pages of forms.
I am anxious for that and to find out
what they say at the Institute.
She will most likely go the end of the month.

The neuro says that these migraine spells are probably because
she had the chiari..making them a lot worse than an ordinary migraine
..although all chiari tests were negative this time.
It is a complicated thing--nothing simple about it.

Taryn still passes out when she has these episodes
but hasn't now for 10 days..
so we are hoping so much the new meds
the neuro put her on will be effective.

Each year at her school, a Senior pins a Junior
who they think is an achiever and who they like a lot.
Her boyfriend, Pat, is a Senior and he is crazy about Taryn
He will "pin" her..

I can't wait for tomorrow (Thursday) for the "pinning"..
she is so excited about it..

So, it is a "one day at a time, we will wait and see" thing..
We will just continue to put her in God's hands and pray a lot.
I am still asking for your prayers..
and thanks so much for your wonderful emails of encouragement.

APRIL 6, 2006

I am happy to say the "pinning" went well!
Lee Ann said Taryn looked beautiful..Pat was nervous.
The new faculty members were pinned also
and the Mothers too, a surprise.
Pat was more nervous pinning Lee Ann! *LOL*.
No other news today but that..If so, I will update later today.
Lee Ann has promised pictures via email
so I will put them on here when I get them.

APRIL 15, 2006

Lee Ann will leave for Florida tomorrow early
with Taryn and Tori..
they will not be with us on Easter for the first time.
I am very glad, however, they will do nothing but rest, eat and sleep.
Kacey will stay home with Dad
so we will have them for Easter dinner tomorrow.
We're looking forward to that.
Greg has always been like a son to us!

MAY 15, 2006

Lee Ann tells me that Taryn will go back to work
after school is out and she will drive.
The attacks usually give her a little warning
and she had one once while driving..
she pulled over to the side of the road and
called Lee Ann, who picked her up.
I'm so glad she will get back into some normal activities..

The prom pics will be in the mail to me very soon.
I will post them here..so look for them
in the next week or so.


Monday, June 26, 2006

Hello again..it's been a long time!
Taryn is doing good..
she's working and driving her car.
Several weeks have passed with no episodes.
We are so thankful for that!
If my daughter, Lee Ann, doesn't send
those prom pics, I'm going to nag, nag, nag!
I am so anxious to see them and I hope you are too!

Sunday, July 2, 2006

Taryn has had a "spell or 2" lately..migraines.
She was at the beach and was taken to the hospital there.
The meds didn't work so she was taken to another hospital
and given medication which worked.
She is okay now..one day at at time.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Good news! Taryn is going to play soccer again!!!
I have thought it is not a good idea
but as Lee Ann said last night
~~"Mom, it isn't fair to keep her in a cocoon".
She not only made the team, she will be Captain!
(This does not mean that we do
not have to watch for problems..cross your fingers)

Tori will be a freshman and
she made the VARSITY team!
All 3 girls are very athletic-
Kacey is a whiz at basketball..so good luck, girls!

September 4, 2006

Taryn continues to do well.
She is back on the soccer team, this time as Captain.
I ask for your continued prayers for her.
Taryn is very happy and so far, feeling good.
Tori, although in her freshman year of high school,
is now a member of the VARSITY soccer team.
Needless to say, that household is very happy about all this.

Donovan is working and feeling fine..
thanks to all of you for your continued
prayers for Donovan and Taryn..
you are the dearest friends anyone could have.

September 7, 2006

It is with sadness that I tell you that Pat and Taryn have called it quits.
We all love Pat..but he is going to college and Taryn
is a Senior so maybe it's best.
They have never dated anyone else
and I know it was hard.
Taryn is moving on with her life
~~concentrating on school as she should be.
There is one problem..Pat keeps calling and emailing!
This only makes her angry..rightfully so since
they agreed to call it a day.
I don't think Taryn is one to wallow in self-pity.
She never has been and if she can cope with Chiari
she can cope with anything! Stay tuned!

September 14, 2006

I'm proud to say that Taryn
received Honorable Mention for
Maryland Distinguished Scholar!
She scored very high on her SAT tests
despite the many adversities at the time..GO, TARYN!

She is being "wooed" by several colleges because of her
achievements, academic and otherwise.

Saturday, October 7, 2006

I hope all of you will see the
page below and look for Taryn Elman's name..we are so proud!

The Gazette Article
You will see her name in a couple of paragraphs.

Sunday,October 15, 2006

Tori was selected for the Freshman Princess
to be in the Homecoming Queen's Court-we are very proud.
Congratulations-Taryn and Tori!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Taryn fainted a couple of weeks ago.
Lee Ann contacted her Doctor and she
didn't even think it was necessary to see her.
I guess these spells will be expected from time to time.
Tank, her English bulldog, licked her face and revived her!

Please remember to keep her in your prayers..thank you!

Current update is HERE
Wonderful news!


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