Taryn is doing well.
She just can't overdo for awhile.
Being Taryn, and athletic, this is hard for her.
However, the advantages of being careful after this kind of surgery
far outweigh the urges to "get back in there".

May 23

Taryn is doing well.
There has not been a lot to report, thank God!
She has not had the bad headaches or nausea now for some time.

Taryn and Pat's Homecoming pics are at the bottom of this page..just scroll!

June 3

Hello and sorry to be so long in updating.
Taryn is doing beautifully.
Tonight, she and some friends and her parents
are going to DC to see Kenny Chesney.
They're excited since they love Kenny!

She has been free of headaches and nausea
for the last 2 weeks and for
that we are very grateful!
She will start a summer job soon-God is good!

June 6

Hello and happy Monday!
Taryn loved the concert-huge crowd
and it was so exciting for her and for Pat.
Lee Ann and Greg liked it too..
and Greg is not a country music fan!

Taryn is doing fine..I think she rested a lot
yesterday..She did go to the pool.
She has gained more weight and looks great!
I want to thank you again,
my dear friends, for your support and emails.


June 12

Hi again..what a busy time!
Taryn's cousin, Alicia, graduated on Friday.
Her Mom had a big party for her.
Taryn, Pat and her family were there.

Taryn and Pat had been helping with the Relay For Life
and had been there for hours.
Both were pretty exhausted.
Taryn has a birthday coming up.
I can't believe this little girl of such a short
time ago is almost 16!
Other than feeling tired, Taryn was fine!

Taryn's other Grandmother is a neighbor of
Mia Hamm's Grandmother.
Ad you probably know, Mia is a world famous soccer player.

The pic below was taken when Taryn visited her with Kacey.
She (Mia)is Taryn's idol
The posters in the background are of Mia

June 26

Taryn continues to do well.
She is working everyday and getting along fine.

I'm happy that there is nothing new to report!
Again, thanks for your support and emails!

July 7

Taryn continues to do well.
She spent some of last week at the beach
and is now back at work.
I will keep this update current for all my visitors.
If you do not see postings everyday, then she is doing fine!

July 15

Hello again!
I thought you might like an update..
Taryn is doing fine.
She's working every day and loves her job now.
Some of her school friends
are working with her.
More soon-so far, very good!

July 26

Hello and thanks for checking on Taryn!
She is doing well..she's at Hilton Head, SC for a few days
with Pat and his family.
She's still working when she isn't beaching!
She has a very understanding boss!

More updates soon..**S*

August 6

Hello and welcome back!
I'm happy to say today's update is boring!
Taryn is working and she called me last night~~so excited!
She got her driver's license yesterday!
I know she will be a responsible driver
~but as I told her, she will have to look out for everyone else's driving too!

She continues to feel good, thank God..
so things are going well.
I am still getting your emails and
want to thank all of you for your wonderful prayers.
It's unbelievable that so many people who I have never met
are showing so much genuine concern-God love you all and bless you!

August 27
Taryn is doing well..she will start to school on Thursday.
She seems to be feeling fine and has
had a very busy summer.
I don't update often now, thank goodness!
I will continue to let you know
of her progress, good or bad!

September 27

Miss Taryn is doing very well, thank you!
She really has a tough load at school
but as always, Taryn is meeting the challenge
and as usual, it doesn't seem so tough to her!
I am so happy that I have nothing negative to report!
Keep checking..I do appreciate it!

October 16

I have nothing new to report, thank God!
Taryn is doing very well and is
meeting the challenges of her Junior year in High School
as she meets any other challenge-including Chiari!

She is enjoying her little car
and her Mom is relaxing a bit about that.
I remember the anxiety I felt when Lee Ann got her license also.

I will keep you updated..thanks for coming again!

November 17

I just talked with Miss Taryn..she is fine!
Keep up the good work, Taryn..we love you!

I hope you will like these pictures of Taryn
~her homecoming, 2005~her parents..my little peanut, Lee Ann
and my adored son-in-law, Greg

Go HERE! for more of Taryn's pages.


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