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This poem is my composition.
I am proud to announce that
Blue Mountain Arts
has selected this poem, out of tens of thousands--
for a third prize winner
in their poetry contest.
At one time, the poem was on the BMA website for sending
They had made it into a beautiful card.
Unfortunately, now that the BMA is a paid card site~
They no longer post the winning poetry.
I do hope this will change soon.

Please do not copy--all rights reserved.

To My Granddaughter

animated rose

What can I wish you, little one, to make your life worthwhile
A summer's day with butterflies, an Angel's gentle smile
A new-found friend to share your toys and fun-filled days galore
A birthday treat with funny clowns, balloons and so much more

A good night kiss to calm your fears when all your playtime's done
Tiny fingers clasped in prayer and morning's golden sun
Cows that moo and dolls that cry and teddy bears that speak
Candy Land and pick-up sticks and little balls that squeak
The ice cream truck's melodic chimes, enticing you with treats
Popsicles running down your cheeks, delicious sticky treats
A rainbow's magic colors to enchant you after rain
A puddle to reflect your face and make you laugh again

All this and my undying love to last you through the years
My wish I give you for all time, much laughter and few tears

A pocketful of colored dreams --sparkling clean and bright
Stars to shine when darkness comes to brighten up your night
Loved ones to surround you with cloaks of love and laughter
This special wish I give to you for now and ever after.

This poem was written for some very special children
--the Grandchildren who touch our lives and our hearts

All rights reserved~~Kacey

My other Blue Mountain Arts winner
can be seen HERE

The poem above is for
all the children and grandchildren--
many who are safe and well in their homes today.
However, as we know, there are many who
have been abused or killed in violence.
You can help stop the abuse..of kids and adults..
Put banners and missing children banners also
on your website..it only takes a minute..please!

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Poetry: Anne Shanholtz-(Kacey)