There are all kinds of love we can describe
each special in it's own way
like the love parents have for their newborn child
-feelings words cannot convey

There's the puppy love between two kids
and a teen's first real love affair
and a new bride and groom vowing their love
with a beautiful new life to share.

There is a love that lasts for years and years
taking the bad along with the good
-not giving up during illness and strife
although, at times, they thought they would

Then, there is the love of God
that cannot be denied
-enduring love, compassion, forgiveness and loyalty
with a love that will always abide

-a love that lasts for eternity
without question or resentment
-giving those who follow Him
a lifetime of contentment

Thank you, Lord, for all you've done
to make my life complete
I pray someday I may be worthy
to worship at your feet.

All rights reserved-Kacey

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